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Deb's Story
Deb's Email Diary
Deb's Prequel to the Email Diary
December 27, 1999 The Beginning of The Journey
January 4, 2000 Surgery
January 9, 2000 Just Got the News
January 15, 2000 Choosing (and Rejecting) Physicians
January 22, 2000 The Tin Grin - Getting on with Life
January 29, 2000 Taking Strength from Breast Cancer Survivors
February 2, 2000 Post Surgery Update
February 7, 2000 A Bit of Good News
February 13, 2000 More Worries
February 17, 2000 Inconclusive Test Results
March 8, 2000 Almost Normal Life (for the Moment)
March 13, 2000 More Surgery
March 23, 2000 Recovering
April 7, 2000 Healing But Hairless
May 2, 2000 Living Life
June 2, 2000 What an Interesting Month!
June 12, 2000 Reactions to Chemo
July 3, 2000 Good News, Bad News
July 13, 2000 Traveling
July 30, 2000 Feeling Terrific
December 20, 2000 The Anniversary
January 5, 2001 A New Year
January 8, 2001 More Mammograms, Just to be Sure
July 30, 2001 Still All Clear
August 17, 2001 An Adventurous Week
August 17, 2001 (Part B) Recovering and Rehab
November 20, 2001 Thanksgiving
November 30, 2001 Cancer Cheerleaders
June 11, 2003 Thank You
It's Been Five Years

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Christmas and Cancer Both Begin with C
Herein Lies my Truth: Lament of a Caregiver


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Sometimes the urge to do something overwhelmingly fun and unexpected just seizes hold of Deb. Here she is at a party, planting a kiss on the cheek of surprised waiter who had complimented her just seconds before. This is Deb with Bonnie Ross Parker. Deb and Bonnie originally met online and quickly became good friends. She an example of the people, all over the country, who took on breast cancer walks and supported Deb in many ways. This is Deb with two good friends, Eva Marie Everson and Linda Evans Shepherd.