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Email Diary

January 22, 2000 - The Tin Grin - Getting on with Life

Thanks again for praying and for your encouraging words. You're keeping me buoyed up and not at all anxious!

Three doctors this week. The first was the radiation oncologist on Monday - hopefully surgery will prove this an unneeded regimen, but we won't know until it's complete. Thursday I met with the surgeon to go over all the details - nothing new except that he will probably also be requested to place a porta-cath into a vein under my collarbone on the right side. This enables the oncologist to give the chemo treatments easier with less discomfort to me. Friday I saw the medical oncologist - the team leader for all of the post surgery treatment. I will definitely have to have chemo, most probably four treatments three weeks apart.

Got the results from all the tests they've been doing. The scans show no cancer anywhere else in my body. The heart scan shows a perfectly healthy heart. The further biopsy tests were estrogen receptor positive which is very good. So surgery is scheduled for Monday, January 31st at 7:30 AM. I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM - hate to get up that early, but then they'll be putting me back to sleep again, won't they? :-) I will probably only be in the hospital overnight and will be released on Tuesday. My Mom is coming in on Sunday and will be with me until I can "go it on my own." Roy will also be here for the surgery.

And since I believe in going on with life, I went ahead with another treatment I've had planned for a while. I now have a full set of braces! Tin grin is here!!! But am I gonna be gorgeous (LOL) when all this work is done!

My spirits are high, I'm feeling great. I've made lots of new friends through this and am ever so grateful for you. Thanks again for the email and notes - you all are very special to me!!!!



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