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Breast Cancer Newsletters

The Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center Newsletter
The Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center is a comprehensive, multi disciplinary breast care program, offering a full spectrum of clinical and support services, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and counseling. The Center provides innovative, integrated, high quality and cost-effective care. Artemis is a monthly newsletter that gives updates in breast cancer research and treatment as well as guidelines to managing the disease and the recovery.

The Imaginis Breast Health Resource
The Imaginis Breast Health Resource website is intended to provide you with the most reliable, in-depth information on breast cancer and related women's health issues. With thousands of pages of physician-edited information explain complicated medical terms in everyday language to assist you in making informed decisions on prevention and treatment.

The KomenLink Newsletter is written to provide timely information about breast health, breast cancer and the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s programs and initiatives, as well as information on how you can get involved in the cause. You must register on the site to read the newsletter. There is no charge.

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Sometimes the urge to do something overwhelmingly fun and unexpected just seizes hold of Deb. Here she is at a party, planting a kiss on the cheek of surprised waiter who had complimented her just seconds before. This is Deb with Bonnie Ross Parker. Deb and Bonnie originally met online and quickly became good friends. She an example of the people, all over the country, who took on breast cancer walks and supported Deb in many ways. This is Deb with two good friends, Eva Marie Everson and Linda Evans Shepherd.