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Email Diary

March 13, 2000 - More Surgery

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement! I know many of you have been trying to get through to me by email, but I've had none since the 2nd of March!! My last update just went out earlier today I found out. It's almost as if I was depending too much on all of you - this time I had to depend on my Lord alone to see me through, and my local family and friends. He is Good, though, and the news is all good!

Roy dropped me off at the hospital at 5:00 AM on Thursday. This time we were sort of in a small herd, about 8 or so. We got put in the elevator to the next floor, then "cut" from the herd one at a time to be placed in individual hospital rooms. I was told to change into the "gown" and slippers and then was asked all the same questions I'd been asked at pre admissions two days previously. After waiting until 6 AM, I finally was summoned to hop on the gurney for my voyage to the pre-op room. There were the cubbies! And the "herd" was back together again! They did the IV bit, and the preliminary drugs, my surgeon came in to see if I had any last questions and I was off to the operating room. Once there they strapped my arms out to each side - I then told them they were sadistic, once they did that my nose started to itch! - they said everyone said that and that they were good at scratching noses - which they then proved! The anesthetist came in and said - time to go to sleep!

I sort of woke up in my room - a private one this time - around 11ish. I was conscious enough to hear that there was no cancer, just scar tissue and some endometriosis. Hooray! Slept most of Thursday. My friend, Christie, stayed the night with me (there were two beds in the room) and fed me ice chips, helped me turn over and summoned the nurses when I needed pain medication. Thanks to the wonderful anti emetics they have these days, I did not get sick from the anesthesia.

Friday I felt good - everything checked out okay. I have a six inch incision horizontally across my abdomen in the "belly fold." The scar won't even show AND they'll still be able to do the breast reconstruction when I get the okay. Roy stayed Friday night with me to help with moving, etc.

Saturday I felt wonderful - in fact, I was told I could go home! I elected to stay one more night because of the bed - having one that cranks up and down sure helps when you're a bit sore! But all the work I put in exercising arms, abs and legs paid off. I can move easily and with very little soreness.

Came home Sunday and promptly slept all day! Helps not having folks coming in for bed checks and blood pressure/temperature checks at all hours. Also helps to get back to "real food." Today I've been "up and at 'em" except for a three hour nap. Have to get my energy and strength back as I start chemo on the 20th.

Thanks for all your prayers and calls and love and concern. You are all very special angels to me!!!


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