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Deb's Photo Galleries

Deb's Photo Galleries Like many women who receive a breast cancer diagnosis, Deb thinks of her life in two stages. There is the life before the diagnosis and the breast cancer journey after it.

These are not separate lives. Husband and family, parents and friends are important both before and after the diagnosis. The things she learned from her education and career success are important for her in both parts of her life.

Friends and site visitors asked Deb to share some pictures of her journey. As she began to choose the pictures, Deb realized that one collection of photos would not be enough. That's why there are three photo galleries on this site.

There is a photo gallery called Deb's Life Before Breast Cancer. The values she learned and the skills she developed all helped her deal with her breast cancer journey in her unique and helpful way.

There is also the photo gallery that friends originally requested: Deb's Breast Cancer Journey. There you will see the journey unfold in pictures. These photos span the year from New Year's 1999 — 2000 to New Year's 2000 — 2001, a year of surgery and chemo, trial and triumph.

As the sets of photos came together, it became apparent that there should be another gallery. There are special friends who span the two stages of Deb's life and continue to provide strength, advice and opportunities for fun. Most important of these is surely Deb's husband, Roy. You'll find their pictures in the gallery we've called, simply, Deb's Friends.

Deb's Life Before Breast Cancer

Deb's Breast Cancer Journey

Deb's Friends

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Sometimes the urge to do something overwhelmingly fun and unexpected just seizes hold of Deb. Here she is at a party, planting a kiss on the cheek of surprised waiter who had complimented her just seconds before. This is Deb with Bonnie Ross Parker. Deb and Bonnie originally met online and quickly became good friends. She an example of the people, all over the country, who took on breast cancer walks and supported Deb in many ways. This is Deb with two good friends, Eva Marie Everson and Linda Evans Shepherd.