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Email Diary

January 5, 2001- A New Year

Happy New Year to All!

I wasn't going to share this until I knew the results, but I so believe in the power of prayer and good will that I decided to send you this note.

The new year for me started great - we had a blast at our community New Year's party and had a great football day on Monday. Tuesday, the challenge of a year was completed - I got my braces removed!!! What a great thing to be able to bite and eat a sandwich in comfort!

However, the year also started with a strong feeling of deja vu. This time last year, I was having the biopsy which proved my breast cancer. Thursday afternoon I sat in the hospital going through a pre-op workup for the biopsy I will have on Monday morning. Hopefully this one will prove to be nothing.

When I had my mammogram and ultrasound followup in November, the radiologist found a "small something" that didn't seem to be a cyst. She recommended a needle-guided biopsy. The Aurora breast MRI I had in December at Faulkner hospital in Boston did not find that "small something," but they also recommended going ahead with the biopsy considering my history.

So yesterday, I sat in the cold, cold room - strange how quickly you forget just how cold they keep those rooms - and answered the dozens of questions they need to ask. Some of the questions made me chuckle - "which breast was the mastectomy?" "The left." Then a few questions later - "which breast is the biopsy?" Not sure whether that was a test question or whether the nurse wasn't thinking, but it struck my funny bone..."The right one - I don't have the left one anymore." "Oh, that's true!"

Monday at 9:00am, I report to the Ambulatory Care Center. The needle placement, assuming she can find the "small something" again, is at 9:45. The procedure is for them to locally numb the area of the breast where the "ss" resides, then using ultrasound as the guide, place a needle through the "ss." At 11am, I go in to surgery - the surgeon uses the needle as a guide to find and remove the "ss." I am told that they are using "monitored" anesthesia which means I get enough happy juice to make me feel nothing, remember nothing for sure, and probably to sleep through the whole thing. I'll be able to go home as soon as I wake up and they are sure I'm okay.

I'd appreciate your prayers and good thoughts from now through then. I'm really praying that the "small something" will have disappeared before Monday!

I'll keep you posted when I find out the results! Thanks for being such faithful partners in the process!



PS - The "small something" WAS a "little nothing!" Whew!

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