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Email Diary

January 9, 2000 - Just Got the News

Click here for more information on breast cancer treatment guidelines.

Just got the word - and it's not good news. The tumor was cancer, an "infiltrating ductal carcinoma." It was lodged in the chest wall and about 2"x3" - fairly large. The surgeon is recommending a mastectomy and tells me I will have a "full course" of chemo as well. He's making an appointment for me to see the plastic surgeon on Monday - will have breast reconstruction at the same time as the surgery. My attitude is great - I have so many friends praying for me I know it will all turn out for good. I don't know when the further surgery will take place - probably as soon as it can be scheduled.

I have been doing research since the news on Friday! and have already arranged to get a second opinion - I see that doctor on Tuesday afternoon.

Have received so much love and support and prayers - just wanted to get all of you up to date and on my "team" too! Will keep you updated.

Love you all!


Click here for more information on breast cancer treatment guidelines.

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