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Email Diary

November 30, 2001 - Cancer Cheerleaders

Dear Cancer Cheerleaders,

Have I ever told you I call you that? You are my cheerleaders - without your encouragment and notes and hugs and emails, I would not have made it through this journey so easily.

Monday morning we were at Mercy Medical Center by 7:45AM - a late appointment for a change! Got swiftly checked in and taken back to out-patient surgery prep where I was enthoned in my own personal recliner. I know they use the recliners because the hospital is space constrained, but in my book, it's much better than being stretched out on a hospital bed prior to surgery! The space is cheery and all the nurses were very friendly and reassuring - the nurse who put my IV in was a real pro - got it in with one stick! That's nigh onto a miracle given my veins! They gave me an expanded suite (two chairs worth of curtained-in space minus one chair) because the surgeon would need to mark me before the surgery.

When Dr. Chang arrived, purple drawing pen poised and ready, I really did feel like a canvas as he drew and circled and measured. Roy later said, when I asked him what he was thinking as he watched the doctor marking up my breasts, that he wondered if plastic surgeons had to take drawing as a minor! He has that wry sense of humor I love!

Then it was time - I walked back to the surgical theater (another nice touch!), got onto the table by myself, stretched out and joked with the nurses until the surgeon was ready. One nurse told me she was injecting the anesthesia, to think pleasant thoughts, and the next I knew, I was waking up in recovery. This was a MUCH MORE pleasant awakening than last time!!! Almost no pain, I woke up very quickly, and almost immediately declared I was hungry! Several squares of graham crackers later, and about an hour and a half, I was discharged to go home, newly nippled and lipo-ed!

Recovery has been speedy. I had relatively little pain - was off the pain pills by Tuesday night. Good appetite (wonderful meals fixed by Rita), slept well (except for the twinges in my hips when I'd turn over!), and have been being pampered nicely. Other than huge bruises on my hips from lipo and some stitches here and there, I'm fine. We go back to the doctor on the 4th for my check-up and then off home to Orlando. I am amazed at all the doctor was able to do - and very grateful! Please pray for a continued easy recovery.

Please pray for Roy, too. His mom passed away Thanksgiving afternoon at 3:30pm. It was quick and she didn't suffer - just went to sleep. The whole family was together when we got the news, which was good for us. He was in MA most of this week making arrangements and arrived home in York last night. We'll fly to MA on the 6th from Orlando with the kids to have the internment service and then home the same day. Pray for good flying weather and God's peace and comfort.

Thanks again for being my cheerleaders - and for all the good thoughts and prayers so far. You all are wonderful.



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