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Email Diary

April 7, 2000 - Healing but Hairless

First of all, my abject apologies for subjecting you to my whole distribution list the last few emails. I discovered to my horror that I was doing that when I printed out the updates for my file. I know better than that - must have been a temporary brain freeze in the technical area!! :-)

Doing great - the first two weeks after the chemo treatment I was really tired and kept having "nap attacks." I'm not sure I can blame that all on the chemo - could be the result of that AND the two major surgeries I've had in the last two months! My next chemo treatment is April 10th - next Monday. I'm hoping for an equally good result this time - that is, no nausea.

I'm healing nicely from the two surgeries. One result of the hysterectomy is that I've been getting "night sweats." That means that I wake up radiating heat like a furnace and actually sweating. This is a "normal" effect of menopause and the hysterectomy put me there. Most women go on some sort of estrogen replacement therapy to lessen the symptoms, but since I've had breast cancer, that's not an option for me. However, one of the medical websites I've found has an "Ask the Oncology Pharmacist" email site. I asked if there was anything I could take and he came back with two recommendations: Provera or Catapres. I checked with my doctor and can take Provera - here's hoping it works and I can start getting a restful night's sleep!

The "new" news is that I've lost my hair. It started coming out in fistfuls on Tuesday and after shedding around the house for a couple of days, I decided to get my head shaved. Went to the beauty parlor and got "buzzed," then came home and borrowed Roy's shaving cream and razor and shaved the stubble off to be truly "bald." It doesn't look too bad - just strange. Me and Demi Moore! :-) I have a couple of cute wigs and will probably indulge in a few more - the American Cancer Society has a catalog called TLC with very inexpensive wigs and hats in it. The hats I've purchased all look pretty tacky, so I'll probably stick with wigs and the "natural" look.

The hardest thing for me is the inaction - I'm normally pretty active and having to rest and take it easy is difficult. I have read several books and am cleaning out files and getting my office super organized, but I long for a speaking gig and to be on the road again! Roy and I are going to Denver the end of the month for the Amazing Grace at Work conference, so that will be a welcome change of scenery. I really can't complain about the scenery here, either - it's green and beautiful and mostly blue skies - the 80 degree daytime temperatures don't hurt either.

I really am grateful to you for staying in touch and for all the prayers and cards and encouragement you've been sending me. You are truly awesome and I am richly blessed!



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